colo-bg2The Colo-Majic flushable liner is a revolutionary product which brings freedom of movement and an expanded lifestyle to ostomates. Gone is the stress and embarrassment which has often accompanied the use of regular colostomy bags. In recent years, technology has changed the quality of ostomy products, but has not changed the process of ostomy care. The liners allow ileostomates and colostomates to live, work and travel with more confidence and less stress by simplifying the ostomy care process.

The Colo-Majic flushable liners may be used with a two-piece closed or drainable pouch. A single liner is inserted through the pouch ring and the pouch is then attached to the wafer. The fecal matter is collected in the liner while gas is dispersed through the pinholes in the leak guard area of the liner. Because the liner is flushable it may be changed anywhere and at anytime. The fecal filled liner is pulled through the pouch ring and flushed, a new liner is inserted, the pouch is re-attached and the ostomate may now go out and enjoy life!
The liners will enable you to use one pouch a day. You can use them without water because it is not necessary to clean your pouch. You do not have to find a means of disposing of waste products when changing in a public facility. It is so easy. JUST FLUSH IT AWAY!