Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ostomy?
The word ostomy signifies a type of surgery required when a person has lost the normal function of the bladder or bowel due to birth defects, disease, injury or other disorders. Such operations include colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy. The surgery allows for normal bodily wastes to be expelled through a new surgical opening (stoma) on the abdominal wall. Most persons with ostomies must wear special appliances over the stoma.

Why should I use the Colo-Majic flushable liners?
Using the liners will result in less stress and added convenience because it changes the way ostomy care is performed. You will not have to plan your life around ostomy care because you will no longer do it the same way or in the same place.

How often do I change my liner?
As often as you want? You now control your ostomy care and because of the simplicity of this product, the user now has a choice of when and where to do ostomy care. Most users change their liners 4-5 times a day and never have a noticeable bulky pouch again.

Isn’t this just adding another step to ostomy care?
NO! Using the Colo-Majic flushable liners eliminates steps and changes traditional ostomy care. No longer is emptying or rinsing ostomy bags needed. In just a few minutes, the old liner is flushed, replaced with a new one and the pouch is reattached to the wafer. The only other step is to go out and enjoy life with more freedom and confidence and less stress.

I’m too old to make a change, aren’t I?
Contrary to popular belief, you are as old as you feel. Doug Wolrich, the inventor of the Colo-Majic liners, was in his late 60’s when he designed the prototype for this product. He had haggled with traditional ostomy care for four years, and was tired of being fearful and socially limited. He felt it was time he take control of his colostomy care instead of his colostomy care controlling him. He and other flushable pouch liner users no longer worry about spillage, odor, social isolations or uncleanliness.

What about gas collecting in the liner? Do I still have to burp my pouch?
The liners are designed to allow passive flow of gas through the pinholes made in the leak guard area of the liner. This keeps the pouch and liner expanding due to gas build up.

Does Medicare reimburse me for the liners?
At this time Medicare does not reimburse for the liners. According to a recent survey done by the United Ostomy Association, 48% of all closed pouch users and 29% of all drainable pouch users exceed the maximum pouches allowed per month and end up paying out of their pocket for their extra pouches and wafers anyway. This is financially burdensome! Most users EXTEND THE LIFE OF THEIR POUCHES and WAFERS, keep their stomas and surrounding skin in better condition and travel without anxiety about ostomy care.

Does the one liner work for the two sizes of pouches (1 3/4 and 2 1/4 inch pouch openings?) (Metric size 45mm and 57mm?)
Yes, the one pouch works for both pouch sizes, this may change as the need arises so always state your pouch size when ordering.

Will the liner work with open end pouches?
Yes, but you have to be careful when you take the pouch off to remove the liner. Open end pouches are usually 10 to 12 inches deep. Be careful so as not to lose the liner in the deeper pouch, keep you finger on the liner at this time. Closed end pouches are about 7 inches deep so the liner rests on the bottom of the pouch during this maneuver.

Sometimes the liner is slower to go down when flushed?
Do not try to flush the liner when it is empty or nearly empty as air trapped inside can stop the liner from going down or cause other problems.

Can I use the liner in a septic tank?
No, this could cause a build up in the tank over time, however, by disposing the liner as you did the pouches you will still get all the great benefits that the liner can give you.

Should I always put the pin holes in the designated areas?
Yes, but you can experiment a little, too many holes is not necessarily better, one or two may be all you need. The holes let the gas out of the liner and let it disperse evenly into the pouch. If you use a filter it will always stay clean so it can do it’s job.