This simple cover is great for daily use. Pouch covers are available for women, men and children.
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The pouch model number can be found on the pouch box next to REF or stamped on the pouch box or inscribed on the pouch. Please enter the pouch model number in the text box below.

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Product Description

The designs are young and new with a good choice of materials and made with delicate craftsmanship. The pouch covers are designed to give comfort as well as self-confidence for a better body image. All covers are made to “wick” moisture away from the body and are color coordinated with the decorative front side. Please look at our material fabrics and pick your cover from these choices or let us know if you see something you would like in a different color or pattern.

How to Use

There are two methods of attaching the pouch cover to the collection bag:

Pouch not attached to the body – Lay collection bag flat on a surface. Place the bottom of the pouch cover at the top of the collection bag and pull it over the bag. Make sure the bag tabs are on the outside of the pouch cover. Place collection bag with pouch cover on flange (wafer). Smooth the front side of the cover.

Pouch attached to the body – Attach the collection bag to the flange. Pull the collection bag through the opening on the body side of the pouch cover. Smooth the front side of the cover.

Washing Instructions
All pouch covers are machine washable although hand washing is recommended. Pouch covers with additional details such as lace and rhinestones should only be hand washed. Drying of the pouch cover is best done by hanging it over a line/towel rack or laying it flat. Please be aware that drying the pouch cover in a dryer may result in shrinkage and material damage. In addition, please note that some materials may hang better if they are pressed after drying.