Stoma Cup


A must have product. Allows you to have a bath or shower without your bag. Also great when changing bags, a third hand to help you. You will never know how you did without one!

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Product Description

TRY IT! YOU’LL LOVE IT! Designed in cooperation with ET Nurses, it’s a unique device worn between the removal of your used appliance and the attachment of your new appliance. TOWEL-DOWN WITH BOTH HANDS! Eliminates the need to use one hand to hold any absorbent on your stoma after showering! May be used to protect your stoma during bathing or showering! NO TAPE OR ADHESIVE REOUIRED! Attached firmly over your stoma with an ostomy belt, there is no need for tape or adhesive! (Fits stomas up to 2″). EASY TO CLEAN! IT’S REUSABLE!