How It Works

Simply attach your pouch in a horizontal position rather than vertically – it works!
You will then slip the Pouch Support in position over your stoma and wrap garment around waist section keeping the plastic pouch fastener between fabric and skin. Secure with snaps. Insert the pouch into pocket and snap the flap closed.
To empty your pouch, simply pull open the snap closure to retrieve the end of the pouch and empty as usual. The belt is not removed to empty an open end pouch system. It is recommended for those who use a closed end system to simply unsnap the bottom snap around the pouch opening and roll or lift the belt up high enough to allow for changing the pouch. Replace pouch in the pocket, secure the snaps and you are done. It is easy and only takes a few seconds.
The Pouch Support is machine washable in warm water. The fabric is made of an extremely soft and comfortable Cotton/Lycra stretch fabric and is long wearing. Do not bleach the belt as it will discolor the material. Tumble Dry.