Shower Gard

Are you tired of wearing plastic wrap or grocery store baggies around your appliance when you take a shower?
Do you forgo showering as often as you would like because of the cost and time it takes to change your appliance?
Then the Shower Gard is for you!

The Shower Gard is a medium-weight, transparent, vinyl, apron-type protector that allows showering, yet shields the pouch and faceplate from water. The Shower Gard has a slip buckle that is adjustable and it is easy to put on and take off. The product is available in four sizes, Small (27″ to 33″), Medium, (34″ to 40″), Large, (41″ to 47″) and XLarge, (48″ to 54″). Larger or smaller sizes are available by special order. This product has a history of success and long life, (two to three years). The Shower Gard is enclosed in a handy pouch for travel and packing while wet.

All Gard products are manufactured in the U.S.A., designed and tested by an ostomate which are intended for nothing other than comfort.