Why Use the Pouch Support Belt

The Belt Features
• Conceals & supports collection pouch securely.
• Made of soft, stretchy, breathable fabric.
• Encloses pouch in fabric pocket.
• Reduces pouch noise.
• Used for colostomies and ileostomies.
• Used with one-piece or two-piece systems.
• Used with right or left side stomas.
• Allows pouch cleaning without removing the belt.
• Can be comfortably worn day and night.
• Easily laundered.

The Removable Inserts:
• Provides peristomal hernia support.
• Help prevent leakage.
• Allow wearer to control level of support.

SWIM, GOLF, DANCE, PLAY TENNIS, do it all with the Pouch Support. The use of the Pouch Support aids the wearer in building sufficient confidence to again enter into normal everyday pursuits such as sports, dancing, walking, swimming, sleeping and intimate relationships.

The Pouch Support Belt was designed to fulfill several different needs for the ostomy wearer. This soft, breathable belt holds the pouch securely and comfortably against the body while also serving as a discrete and attractive cover-up.

The Pouch Support secures the pouch in a horizontal position and allows it to fill normally. The weight of the pouch is supported and you will find that it is less noticeable under your clothing. The Pouch Support can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time with confidence.

The Pouch Support is manufactured commercially in the USA using the highest grade components. It is made of an extremely soft and comfortable Cotton/Lycra stretch fabric and is machine washable and long wearing. It is breathable and even on the hottest days one would not be aware that it is on. Support is given to the pouch allowing it to fill normally. It has been found that when removing the belt there is no need to reposition the pouch to a vertical position, just let it hang down and it works fine. If you are using a two-piece system you can turn the pouch and re-attach it vertically should you choose. The Pouch Support has been tested for use by many ileostomy and colostomy wearers. As normally suggested, the pouch should be emptied when approximately one-third full. Wearers of urostomy appliances will need to empty the pouch more frequently so as to minimize liquid contact at the stoma. A filling pouch is less noticeable under clothing and can get longer wear time from each flange. The belt is great for holding the pouch securely during exercise, and when you remove your clothing you won’t feel self-conscious while wearing this attractive and discrete band around your middle. You may choose to wear the belt as a regular part of your clothing, or just wear it as a cover for intimate times or for support during sports activities. We find the Pouch Support to be of great benefit and we are convinced that when you try it, you will too.