Hernia Gard A new design for ostomates! A strong, comfortable, product designed to alleviate some hernia problems. Constructed of a laminated material of supple plastic between soft, fuzzy cloth layers, the device is very easy to adjust with a slip buckle.

The central part is a plastic plate with a 3″ hole in the center. The plate is in two pieces that lock together and fit just over the faceplate. The plate is also laminated with the same material as the belt. The Hernia Gard offers support that is strong, adjustable, and easy to use. The Hernia Gard may be applied or removed without moving the pouch. This product may be worn without concern for perspiration or other discomfort. While being worn the ostomate will not be aware of the device. The Hernia Gard is also easily laundered.

All Gard products are manufactured in the U.S.A., designed and tested by an ostomate which are intended for nothing other than comfort.