For those who want to feel secure while in the water the Swim Gard is a soft strong plastic sash made as thin as is possible and not noticeable under swim wear. The sash has a pocket to receive the drained and folded pouch. The Swim Gard is not waterproof but is designed to hold the pouch and face plate (flange) very close to the body and will positively prevent the pouch or faceplate from becoming detached from the stoma area. Since the Swim Gard may be dried at once with a towel you will no longer have to store a damp item in your drawer or suitcase. As this item fastens with a plastic hook and loop (velcro), and is sized to fit the user, it requires an exact waist size.

All Gard products are manufactured in the U.S.A., designed and tested by an ostomate which are intended for nothing other than comfort.