Stoma Gard

Are you tired of wearing suspenders because your belt rides over your stoma? Are you fearful of damaging your stoma when you wear a seat belt, play with children or pets, or engage in physical activities? This patented stoma protector provides freedom from the fear of accidental contact. Whether you’re buckled in a seat belt, working around the home or office, or playing with pets or children, the Stoma Gard will provide the assurance you need to be worry-free. The Stoma Gard is a lightweight device that is applied to the front of an ostomy pouch with an aggressive adhesive. The product is shaped like a half clam shell and is made of a clear .30 lexan plastic that is 5″ across and 3 1/2″ high and protrudes 1″ from a flat surface. (Note that the pouch against the abdomen is convex not flat). It is virtually undetectable under clothing. Stoma Gards are packaged in lots of five and are designed to be disposable. Some ostomates use them several times, but they should be discarded with the pouch.

All Gard products are manufactured in the U.S.A., designed and tested by an ostomate which are intended for nothing other than comfort.